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CCTV cameras in Sri Lanka

Eagle Wings Provides CCTV Cameras and other Surveillance Security Solutions covering all major cities of Sri Lanka making sure your home is well protected, business staff is performing at their best and providing adequate customer service. Our Security Solutions protect your business and home by deterring potential burglars or predators and employee theft.


Fingerprint/face/card Time attendance systems in Sri Lanka

Eagle Wings offers globally reputed quality biometric time attendance hardware and software solutions for various companies around the country. Combined with powerful applications for PCs, Web and cloud based systems Eagle Wings truly helps you to create accurate, cost effective and quick attendance recording environment, powered with fully customized payroll system.


Fire protection and alarm systems in Sri Lanka

We are specialised in supplying and installing of Modern High Tech fire protection products, components, accessories, equipment & systems covering a wide range of industry specific applications. Our well trained and experienced advisors are well equipped in order to design and install the fire protection systems in order to prevent the danger of fire risk.


Alarm systems in Sri Lanka

Our sophisticated GSM wireless and wired alarm systems provide you well protected home and business environment. Our easy to use renowned brands make sure you will have peace of mind by deterring potential burglars or predators and employee theft after well protecting your business and home premises.


Video door phone/ Video intercom systems in Sri Lanka

Advanced all new high tech video intercom systems for Apartment, Villa and Residences for various uses such as talking to the person at the gate through the indoor panel or by using your mobile phone even if you are not at home, unlocking the gates remotely and talking within the houses, within the apartments, villas or houses (intercom feature).


Access control and door lock systems in Sri Lanka

We offer a very wide range of access control, attendance and security related solutions for a number of vital sectors such as Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Government,  Manufacturing, Data Centres and Server Rooms, Retail Chains as well as those for a number of other sectors.

We take pride in the fact that many highly prestigious organizations from many sectors have been using various Access Control and Time and Attendance systems in many of their establishments all over Sri Lanka, for many years.


Business it solutions

Payroll systems in Sri Lanka
Accounting solutions in Sri Lanka
RP systems


Networking, other cabling and fiber optic solutions in Sri Lanka

We provide networking cabling, power, electrical cabling and Fiber optic cabling with excellent trained staff and major product partners. Please contact our friendly and professional staff for more information.


Rental CCTV and mobile surveillance in Sri Lanka

For your temporary requirements such as exhibitions or any kind of special events or occasions we are ready to rent our CCTV systems to meet your requirements. You can protect your valuables and monitor the operations by using our rental CCTV systems.


PABX, PBX, Intercom, PA, Firewall solutions

We are specialized in providing all new high tech VoIP, firewall, data centre Solutions for customers. Voip Solution offers PBX functionality and advanced features and integration with CRM and CMS, and interoperates with traditional standards-based telephony systems and Voice over IP systems. Voip Solution offers the features such as Voicemail, Conference Bridging, Call Queuing, and Call Detail Records, IVR, FAX, Real Time monitoring and billing. Telecommunication system is back bone of any company. We are Network Solution Company which developed telecommunication system for your business according to your requirement which grow your business day by day. A business VOIP phone system can reduce your monthly phone bill tremendously compared to a traditional business phone system. A business VOIP solution can be a hosted PBX system, as well as an on-premise PBX solution. Our well trained and experienced staff will make sure you will have the best IT environment in your business.

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